• A Taste of AI

Innovative AI-Powered Health Assessment Solutions

iClassifier stands out for its pioneering use of artificial intelligence in livestock health assessment.

State-of-the-Art Technology Stack

Proprietary algorithms, machine learning models, and cutting-edge imaging techniques.

Real-World Benefits and Case Studies

technology has improved animal health, increased productivity and boosted profitability for our customers.

Smooth Synthesis for Data-Informed Decisions

Informed decision-making, enabled by our comprehensive insights, in optimizing farm practices and resource allocation.

Trouble-free Deployment and Training

Comprehensive training programs, ensuring your team can utilize our technology effectively.

User-Friendly Interface and Dashboard

intuitive user interface and dashboard design of iClassifier's solutions.

Leadership in Sustainable Farming

iClassifier is at the forefront of promoting sustainable and ethical farming practice and committed to enhancing animal welfare.

Collaboration with Agricultural Sustainability Organizations

iClassifier's partnerships and collaborations with organizations dedicated to advancing sustainable agriculture. Collaborations contribute to our mission of promoting responsible farming practices.

Market Position and Industry Recognition

We are standing in the market as a leader in sustainable farming technology.Learn about industry awards or recognitions that highlight our commitment to sustainability.

Our Core Services

Experience the future of livestock management with iClassifier's advanced services, enhancing health, efficiency, and profitability on your farm.

Health Assessment

iClassifier provides real-time AI-powered health assessments for livestock, ensuring their well-being.


We categorize livestock for tailored management, optimizing farm operations.

Body Condition Scoring

We assess livestock body conditions to optimize feeding and nutrition strategies.


iClassifier offers expert guidance on livestock health and management best practices.

Partners & Supporters

Our Executive Team Members

iClassifier has been established from the intensive collaborative efforts of the highly educated engineers and data and agriculture scientists and dairy producers