App for Livestock Health Assessment using AI
How it Works

User Registration: Farmers create accounts and link them to their farm. Here is is the key elements of the APP.

  • Animal Accounts:
  • Farmers create accounts for each animal, adding details and images.
  • Image Capture:
  • Farmers take images of animals' health areas using the app.
  • AI Analysis
  • Images are sent to the cloud for AI processing to detect health issues.
  • Data Storage:
  • Processed data and reports are stored securely in the cloud.
  • Notifications and Reports:
  • Farmers receive health reports with insights and recommendations.
  • Communication:
  • Farmers can connect with veterinarians for further consultation.
  • Data Visualization:
  • Visual tools help farmers understand health trends.
  • Integration:
  • The app works seamlessly with farm management systems.
This App enables farmers to assess and manage livestock health efficiently, leveraging AI and cloud technology for data-driven decisions.

Be your own classifier with iClassifier

With the rapid growth of the technology, stay a head of competitors and improve your production and animals longevity as well as taking care of your animal health and welfare.
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