Ghader Manafiazar

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

About Me

(780) 807 7603

Dr. Ghader Manafiazar is the Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) at iClassifer and acts as R&D Director and Industry/Academy liaise. Ghader grown up in a family farm, and he is also professionally working with the livestock industry for the last 25 years in the role of a farm owner and as a consultant to the dairy farmers. He has completed couple of research projects on applications of confirmation traits in dairy cattle and has been awarded ~$1M as PI/co-PI and >7.9M as co-investigator in the last 6 years for his different research projects.

My Skill

Dairy Production
Data Science
Farm Management

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iClassifier has been generated from the intensive collaborative efforts of the highly educated engineers and data and agriculture scientists and dairy producers.